April 27

OXO Cold Brew: The best cold brew coffee maker

With summer just around the corner, we’ve been experimenting with the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker to see if it holds up to the promise of easy, delicious home-brewed cold coffee. After several batches, it’s clear that this little black machine simplifies the cold brewing process considerably. Instead of a messy, time-consuming setup, all we had to do was add our favorite coffee grounds and water, let it steep overnight, and voilà—a rich, smooth coffee concentrate was ready by morning.

The Rainmaker feature on this machine deserves a special mention for its effectiveness in evenly distributing water over the coffee grounds, ensuring a consistent brew every time. We also appreciated how the elegant borosilicate glass carafe not only had helpful measurement markings but also was a perfect fit inside our fridge. Cleaning was a breeze too, with the coffee maker disassembling quickly and the mesh filter being particularly easy to rinse.

We did find, however, that some of us preferred using the optional paper filters for an extra layer of filtration to achieve that super clear cup of cold brew. But for those who like a more full-bodied taste, the included stainless steel mesh does the job remarkably well.

Bottom Line

Our experience with the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker has been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s user-friendly, easy to clean, and delivers consistently smooth and tasty cold brew every time.

For a no-fuss, reliable cold brew maker that looks good on your countertop, consider giving this one a try.

Overview of the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

We recently tried out the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker and had some thoughts to share. The process of making cold brew with this device is genuinely straightforward and mess-free. The Rainmaker feature is pretty clever, ensuring that water is distributed evenly over the coffee grounds.

For those of us who forget to check on our brew, the automatic stop feature when you remove the carafe is a lifesaver. When we’re ready to drink, the silicone-sealed stopper keeps the concentrate fresh, and it’s also handy for measuring out servings.

We were particularly keen on the fact that there’s no need for proprietary filters since the mesh is reusable and simple to clean, which is a plus for the environment and our wallets. For storing, the feature that lets it nest is very convenient, making it a great fit even in our cramped kitchen spaces.

Nevertheless, for those who prefer an even finer filtration, the option to use paper filters is available. The glass carafe feels sturdy and the measurement markings are super helpful for portioning. We appreciate that it’s low maintenance, with easy disassembly for cleaning. In our experience, it produced a delicious, low-acid coffee concentrate that was perfect for both hot and cold coffee beverages.

Key Features

In our time with the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker, we’ve discovered a few standout features that really make this product shine in the kitchen.

Rainmaker Even Water Distribution

The Rainmaker feature is truly innovative. It ensures even water distribution over the coffee grounds, creating a consistent and balanced flavor in every batch. The difference is noticeable; every cup comes out with a harmonious taste, without the common issue of over or under-extraction.

Simple Filtration Process at the Flip of a Switch

We appreciate the convenience of the easy-to-use switch that starts the filtration process. With a simple flick, coffee starts to drain into the carafe. A smart design feature is the automatic stop of the filter flow when the carafe is taken away, which reduces messes and waste.

Freshness Preservation with Silicone Seal Stopper

OXO has thoughtfully designed a stopper with a silicone seal that maintains the freshness of the cold brew concentrate. This not only keeps the coffee concentrate at its peak flavor for longer but also allows easy measurement for consistent cups of coffee.

Ease of Cleaning and Compact Storage

After enjoying the cold brew, the last thing we want is a hassle with clean-up. This coffee maker can be disassembled and hand-washed effortlessly. The parts nest within each other, making it simple to tuck away, which is a real plus for those with limited space.

Pros of the Cold Brew Coffee Maker

We’ve found that this cold brew maker excels at producing smooth, low-acid coffee concentrate. Its Rainmaker feature impresses us as it ensures water is evenly distributed over the coffee grounds. The no-fuss switch for starting the filtration process signifies ease of use, and the automatic stop of filtration when the carafe is removed adds to the thoughtful design.

We appreciate the stopper’s silicone seal for keeping the coffee fresh, and its ability to portion concentrate is handy. The reusable mesh filter makes it environmentally friendly, and its easy-to-clean nature is a practical bonus. Its countertop-friendly size means it won’t clutter your kitchen space, and it’s a breeze to disassemble for cleaning or nesting for storage.

Additionally, for those desiring extra cleanliness, optional paper filters are available. Based on our experience and what we’ve gathered, it’s an excellent choice for coffee lovers who value convenience and quality.

Cons of the Cold Brew Coffee Maker

In our use of the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker, we noticed a few aspects that could be improved. The Rainmaker feature, while innovative for even water distribution, can be a bit finicky to set up properly every time. If not aligned correctly, it can result in uneven extraction, impacting the taste.

Although the silicone stopper is meant to keep coffee concentrate fresh, it can be quite a hassle to secure properly. We sometimes find ourselves double-checking to ensure it’s sealed tight enough to prevent any leaks.

While the maker’s design is compact, users with smaller kitchens may still find it takes up more counter space than they’d prefer. Also, disassembling the unit for cleaning, though straightforward, requires a bit of time that not everyone will have, especially when in a hurry.

The mesh filter is reusable, which is eco-friendly, but cleaning out the coffee grounds can be messy and slightly inconvenient. Occasionally, we long for the simplicity of just removing and tossing a paper filter, though we do appreciate the waste reduction.

Those of us who enjoy a stronger brew find that this coffee maker might not always produce coffee concentrate that’s robust enough. This could be a matter of personal taste, but it’s worth noting for those who like their cold brew especially potent.

Customer Reviews on Performance

After weeks of experimenting with the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker, we concur with the general sentiment echoed through numerous customer assessments. This device impresses with its consistency in creating smooth, rich coffee with negligible effort, a huge plus for us considering our hectic mornings. We noticed that the quality of our brews stayed top-notch over multiple uses, contradicting the common worry of wear and tear diminishing performance.

That said, while users appreciate the durable build and the ease of not having to hunt for brand-specific filters due to the reusable screen filter, some of us wished for a finer mesh to reduce sediment. The ease of use is a recurring compliment – it’s genuinely a breeze to handle, aligning with OXO’s reputation for user-friendly kitchen gadgets.

The product’s popularity spiked during gift-giving seasons, indicating its appeal beyond just personal use. And indeed, it’s a gift that keeps on giving; we’ve noticed it can dramatically cut down on the daily grind, pun intended, of cleaning traditional filter machines.

Overall, despite a few minor quibbles, the sentiment from user reviews on performance is overwhelmingly positive, and we share in the enthusiasm for this cold brew coffee maker.

Usability and Design

We’ve had our hands on the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker, and it’s clear that the designers focused on a harmonious blend of functionality and simplicity. The Rainmaker feature, which is essentially a water dispersion mechanism, ensures that water covers the coffee grounds evenly, a critical factor in achieving a balanced flavor profile.

Handling this machine is a breeze, with an intuitive switch to start the filtration process. When we wanted to stop the process to pour a sample, simply removing the carafe automatically paused it, a feature that we found convenient, significantly reducing the risk of spills and messes.

The aesthetics of this cold brewer are modest yet sleek, with a black color that supports its minimalist approach and looks great on our counter. The mark of good design is often noticed in the clean-up, and fortunately, this machine comes apart easily for that purpose. Moreover, it has a nesting design which we appreciate, as it takes up minimal storage space when not in use.

One of the real highlights, from our perspective, is the usability of a reusable mesh filter. It’s both eco-friendly and cost-effective compared to coffee makers that require constant replenishing of paper filters, though optional paper filters are available for those who prefer them.

We did note that the carafe is made of borosilicate glass, which poses durability questions as opposed to plastic; however, the trade-off is a cleaner taste and the undeniable elegance of glass. All in all, we believe the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker is as straightforward as it gets, delivering on its promise for an easy cold brewing experience.

Final Thoughts

In our experience, the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker is as reliable as it is user-friendly. Having recently used this device, we appreciate that it doesn’t require proprietary filters—a practical design choice.

The build quality lives up to the OXO reputation for well-crafted kitchen gadgets, ensuring longevity even with year-round use. Our cold brew results were consistently smooth, flavorful, and it truly simplifies the brewing process. On the social side, it seems to be an unexpected hit at gatherings, sparking interest and excitement.

However, during our use, we noticed that mastering the perfect brew might require a fresh grind and some coffee know-how, which could be a slight hurdle for novices. Overall, this cold brew maker stands out as a worthwhile investment for both avid coffee lovers and occasional sippers who enjoy a fuss-free, delicious cold coffee.


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