9 Best French Press Coffee Makers: How To Choose The Right One For You

Written By : Steve

French press coffee makers are favored for their ability to fully extract coffee’s oils and flavors, which paper filters in other methods may miss. This brewing style, where coffee grounds are steeped and then pressed, delivers a rich and full-bodied cup.

There’s a wide variety of French presses made from different materials like glass, stainless steel, and ceramic, each offering unique benefits such as taste purity, durability, and heat retention. Size is also important, with options ranging from single servings to larger models for groups.

A well-designed plunger and filter system is essential for a clean brew without sediment. Our recommendations for the best French press coffee makers are based on thorough research, testing, and user reviews to ensure a superior home brewing experience.

Top French Press Coffee Makers

We’ve carefully selected a range of French press coffee makers that stand out for their quality, durability, and ability to consistently produce delicious coffee. Each one has been evaluated to ensure you get the best possible experience for your daily coffee ritual.

SimpliPres French Press

The Simpli Press Coffee Maker transforms the morning coffee ritual with its effortless clean-up and customizable brewing options. Its design thoughtfully tackles the usual chaos of scattered coffee grounds. After using it, I found that the lift-out coffee basket and smart filter indeed work to keep the sink pristine—no more clogged drains or messy counters.

SimpliPress French Press Coffee Maker


  • Innovative clean-up design reduces mess
  • Customizable brew strength caters to personal taste
  • Quality materials ensure a lasting addition to your kitchen


  • Higher learning curve than traditional French presses
  • Some users reported difficulties with the clean-up process
  • Limited customer reviews for comprehensive evaluation

Customization is a breeze with this French press. It caters to various palates, allowing adjustments depending on the coffee grind and roast. I tweaked the settings to find my perfect brew strength, and the result was delightful. The double stainless steel filter does its job splendidly, letting through none of the dreaded grit that often finds its way into a traditional French-pressed cup.

Durability and aesthetics often don’t go hand-in-hand, but with the Simpli Press, they do. Made with high-quality glass, silicone, and stainless steel, it’s a robust contraption. Not only does it brew a fine cup, but it also adorns the kitchen with its sleek, red design. While there’s a bit of a learning curve, once you get the hang of it, the Simpli Press makes for a reliable companion for coffee lovers searching for a French press that combines function with flair.

Bodum Chambord

We recommend the Bodum Chambord for anyone looking to enhance their coffee experience with a classic and reliable French press. This iconic model from Bodum features a durable borosilicate glass beaker, a sturdy stainless steel frame, and a patented safety lid that prevents accidental spills. Its timeless design and high-quality construction make it a worthwhile investment for coffee enthusiasts seeking a rich, full-bodied brew every time.

Bodum Chambord


  • Consistently produces a rich and flavorful cup of coffee
  • Built to last with durable chrome plating and a comfortable handle
  • Environmentally considerate manufacturing process


  • Glass component can be fragile if not handled with care
  • Requires a careful balance of coffee grind size and tamping
  • Not dishwasher safe, manual cleaning is necessary

Morning rituals are almost sacred to us, and when the Bodum Chambord became part of ours, the days seemed to start on a much brighter note. As we lifted the press from its resting place, the sturdy metal frame reassured us of its longevity, a true embodiment of design meeting durability.

The dim morning light gleamed off the shiny chrome surface as we prepared our brew, the fine craftsmanship evident in every component. The handle felt secure and firm in our grasp, bringing forth a semblance of comfort even before the coffee was ready to be savored.

Pouring the water onto our coarse grounds, the anticipation built. After a few minutes, we pressed down on the plunger, the resistance just right, indicating the coffee was infused appropriately. The first sip was a revelation, a bold flavor profile that only a French press like the Chambord could unveil. With every cup, the truth stood; this is coffee brewing in its purest form.

In our daily use, we found the Chambord to be uncomplicated yet precise. It demanded our attention to detail – a grind too coarse or too fine, and the alchemy of flavor surely suffered. Yet with practice, we got the hang of it, each cup a testament to the quality the Chambord can achieve.

Maintaining it was straightforward, a wash with warm, soapy water sufficed. Despite lacking the ease of a dishwasher-safe build, the cleaning process was a small price to pay for the exquisite coffee it produced. Admittedly, there were pangs of distress when handling the glass carafe; its fragility was a stark contrast to the robust frame, reminding us to handle it with care.

In conclusion, the Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker stood as more than just an appliance; it was a faithful companion to our coffee rituals, a bridge to an era where craftsmanship was king. It encouraged us to slow down, to immerse in the art of coffee making, one deliberate step at a time.

BAYKA French Press

We believe the BAYKA French Press Coffee Maker is a solid choice for anyone looking to enhance their coffee-making ritual with ease and elegance. Its sleek and stylish design, made with high-quality borosilicate glass and stainless steel components, promises a delightful brewing experience. The efficient filter system ensures a rich, flavorful cup of coffee every time, making it a great value addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen.


  • Effortlessly sophisticated design that serves as a centerpiece
  • Brews a pure, rich coffee flavor without sediment
  • Convenient to disassemble and clean, dishwasher-safe components


  • Glass carafe may require careful handling to avoid breakage
  • Top may spin during pouring, requiring attention for smooth use
  • Potential for thermal shock if instructions not meticulously followed

Morning coffee is a daily ritual for us, and the BAYKA French Press has turned this routine into an experience. Its clear glass lets us watch as the dark, aromatic brew comes together, providing a visual start to the coffee enjoyment before the first sip. The sleek copper accents have made our kitchen feel more like a chic café.

The taste of the coffee produced by this French Press stands out. There’s a noticeable difference that the four-level filtration system makes; we’ve been relishing in a full-bodied cup that’s free from the grit which can accompany French Press coffee. Plus, we appreciate that the absence of disposable filters adds an eco-friendly touch to our mornings.

Cleaning up has been a breeze; every part can be separated, ensuring that no old coffee grounds linger to spoil tomorrow’s batch. It’s reassuring to know certain parts can go right into the dishwasher, which saves us time for the more enjoyable things in life.

As with any beloved kitchen tool, we’ve learned to treat the BAYKA French Press with a certain level of care. The glass is sturdy, but glass none-the-less and deserves a gentle touch. Also, we’ve noticed the lid can spin if not handled with intent—it’s something to keep in mind to avoid spills.

Despite these small points of attention, the quality of coffee, ease of use, and the pure joy it brings to the morning makes the BAYKA French Press an addition to the kitchen that we’ve found truly enriching.

ESPRO P5 French Press

After multiple brews, we can affirm that the ESPRO P5 French Press offers a clean and grit-free coffee experience that could be a delight for any coffee aficionado. Its double micro-filter system effectively removes even the finest coffee grounds, resulting in a remarkably smooth and sediment-free cup. With its sleek design and superior filtration, the ESPRO P5 elevates the classic French press brewing method, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking an exceptional, full-flavored coffee without any unwanted grit.


  • Ensures smooth, grit-free coffee
  • Halts extraction to avoid bitterness
  • Robust, heat-retentive design


  • Glass visibility could be clearer
  • Requires careful handling
  • Dual filters may complicate cleaning

The moment we poured our freshly ground coffee into the ESPRO P5, the aesthetic appeal of its minimalist design was evident. The coffee preparation process was simple and had an almost meditative quality. The glass carafe nestled securely within the stainless-steel frame, speaking volumes about its sturdy construction.

Upon pressing down the plunger, we noticed how effectively the double micro-filter system barred any sediment from invading our cup. This resulted in an impressively clear and tastefully satisfying brew – free from the common gritty residue often found at the bottom of a French press coffee.

As we enjoyed our coffee rounds, our appreciation grew for the P5’s unique feature of stopping the extraction process. Each sip was consistent with the last, devoid of any developing bitterness. However, with the focus on the dual filtration system, it did take a bit more effort in the cleanup phase.

Although the P5 excels in creating a pure brew, we did encounter a slight hiccup; seeing the fill line on the glass is a challenge. In addition, while the carafe is sturdier than most thanks to the thicker German-engineered glass, there remains a need to handle it with care to avoid breakage. Despite these minor inconveniences, the ESPRO P5 stands out as a reliable companion for making superlative coffee.

Secura 50-Ounce French Press

We think the Secura 50-Ounce French Press Coffee Maker is a reliable investment for coffee enthusiasts seeking a robust and flavor-consistent brewing method. Its durable 18/10 stainless steel construction and large 50-ounce capacity make it ideal for serving multiple cups of rich, full-bodied coffee. The inclusion of extra filter screens further enhances the brewing experience, ensuring a consistently smooth and sediment-free pour every time, making it a practical choice for those who value quality and convenience.


  • Maintains heat effectively due to stainless steel build
  • Substantial 50-ounce capacity caters to multiple servings
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • Heavier than glass models, which may not suit all preferences
  • Stainless steel design may mask visibility of the coffee level
  • Initial investment is higher than some basic French press options

We’ve had the pleasure of using the Secura French Press and enjoyed several cups of rich, full-bodied coffee. Its 3-layered filter does an excellent job trapping even the finest grounds, ensuring a smooth sip every time. The solid construction from top quality materials not only imparts a sleek aesthetic but also promises long-term durability. We especially appreciate the ‘Cool’ touch handle which makes pouring a breeze, without the worry of heat transfer.

The additional stainless steel screen included is a nice touch, enhancing the coffee’s flavor profile when desired. This feature shows attention to detail from Secura, understanding that coffee lovers appreciate customization in their brew strength and texture. Cleaning is straightforward as the components disassemble quickly and can be placed right into the dishwasher—a convenience not to be understated.

The ample size has been perfect for our mornings. Having the ability to brew a sizable batch means we can easily serve guests or prepare enough coffee for our day without fussing with multiple brewing cycles. This French Press acts as a thermal carafe too, keeping the coffee warm for our leisurely enjoyment. We’ve found the insulation to be effective; it manages to keep the second cup just as inviting as the first.

As much as we trust in the quality of the Secura French Press, it’s important to note that its robust construction comes with additional weight. Compared to traditional glass French presses, this can be a bit of a surprise initially. It’s also worth noting that the heft is indicative of its premium build and ensures the press remains stable during use. The opacity of the stainless steel might also be a drawback for some, who prefer to see the coffee as it brews. Despite these minor points, we’ve found that the positives far outweigh these considerations.

Coffee Gator Press

We think you’ll love the Coffee Gator French Press for its robust design and ability to keep your coffee hot for extended periods. Crafted from premium double-walled stainless steel, this French press not only looks sleek but also excels at retaining heat, keeping your brew piping hot up to 60 minutes longer than glass models. With its durable construction and superior insulation, the Coffee Gator ensures a consistently delightful coffee experience from the first sip to the last.

We think you’ll love the Coffee Gator French Press for its robust design and ability to keep your coffee hot for extended periods.


  • Maintains heat excellentlyDurable and break-resistantUnique design that minimizes sediment


  • Exterior can get warm to the touchHeavier than glass modelsNot the cheapest option

This morning, we enjoyed a velvety and rich cup of coffee using the Coffee Gator French Press, and it did not disappoint. The coffee was full-flavored, indicating the double-filtered press indeed does an excellent job of allowing the essential oils to permeate while keeping the grounds out. The stainless steel build not only adds an elegant touch to our countertop but also keeps the coffee warm much longer than its glass counterparts.

The insulated construction of the French press proved invaluable when we sipped on the second cup an hour later, still finding it pleasantly hot. Its substantial, heavy-duty feel reassures that it would survive an accidental drop, something that glass presses won’t forgive. However, this robustness means it’s not as light as we would have liked for travel.

What sets the Coffee Gator apart is its commitment to both convenience and quality. Yes, it’s a bit of an investment, but if you’re seeking a combination of style, durability, and performance in your coffee-making ritual, this press should be high on your list. While the surface did retain some of the heat making it slightly warm to handle, the cool-touch handle provided a safe grip. We appreciate this, as it shows attention to user experience without compromising the machine’s thermal properties.

Overall, our time with the Coffee Gator was nothing short of a pleasure. Its performance and build quality make it a standout in the French press arena, offering something for lovers of both aesthetics and crafted brews. Whether you’re setting up camp or craving a gourmet coffee experience at home, the Coffee Gator is equipped to deliver.

Cafe Du Chateau French Press

We recommend the Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker for its exceptional brewing capabilities, delivering rich and sediment-free coffee with ease. Its 4-level filtration system effectively removes even the finest grounds, ensuring a smooth, grit-free cup every time. Crafted with high-quality materials like 304-grade stainless steel and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this French press offers both durability and elegance. Its thoughtful design and consistent performance make it a standout choice for coffee connoisseurs seeking a flawless brew.


  • Efficient 4-level filtration for a cleaner cupSturdy and stylish design adds to kitchen aestheticsLifetime replacement guarantee ensures long-term use


  • Glass construction may need careful handlingStainless steel components require maintenance to prevent tarnishingLarger size might not be ideal for single servings

An early morning brew with the Cafe Du Chateau French Press sets the tone for the day. The aroma of freshly pressed coffee wafting through the kitchen is a gentle reminder of life’s simple pleasures. Its 4-level filtration system is impressive; not once have we encountered a stray ground mucking up our cup.

The ritual of assembling the press, adding the coarsely ground beans, and slowly pouring hot water over them is almost therapeutic. We’ve come to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of this press, not just for its function but also for the elegance it brings to the countertop.

Cleaning up, meanwhile, is straightforward. We disassemble the parts and rinse each piece, ensuring the stainless steel maintains its shine and the glass stays clear. Our collective experience tells us this French Press is more than just a coffee maker; it’s an investment in our morning routine, promising a robust java experience every time.

Buying Guide

Material and Durability

We examine the construction of the French press to ensure longevity. Stainless steel models offer resilience and heat retention, but glass versions provide a classic aesthetic and visibility of the brewing process.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic

Durability Aspects:

  • Heat resistance
  • Shatterproof properties
  • Corrosion resistance

Size and Capacity

We consider the amount of coffee we want to make. Most French presses come in sizes ranging from 3 to 12 cups. It’s crucial to decide based on our consumption.

Capacity Options:

  • 12 oz (3 cups)
  • 17 oz (4 cups)
  • 34 oz (8 cups)
  • 51 oz (12 cups)

Filtration System

A quality filtration system is key to a smooth cup. We look for a tight seal to prevent grounds from escaping and the option for replacement filters.

Filter Qualities:

  • Mesh fineness
  • Seal effectiveness
  • Ease of disassembly

Ease of Use and Maintenance

We prioritize models that are user-friendly and easy to clean. Dishwasher-safe parts and a straightforward assembly aid in the maintenance process.

Ease of Use Factors:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Simple pour spout
  • Dishwasher safety

Maintenance Considerations:

  • Number of components
  • Cleaning simplicity

Price and Warranty

Our investment is protected when we choose a product with a warranty. Prices range widely, and we should match our budget with the features we value most.

Price Consideration:

  • Basic functionality vs. premium features

Warranty Importance:

  • Length of warranty
  • Coverage details

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common questions about selecting and using French press coffee makers to help you make an informed decision.

How do I choose a high-quality French press coffee maker?

We recommend considering the press’s materials, capacity, filter quality, and ease of cleaning. A high-quality press typically features durable construction such as borosilicate glass or stainless steel and has a fine mesh filter.

What are the top-rated insulating materials for French press coffee makers?

Stainless steel and double-walled glass are the best insulating materials. They retain heat effectively, ensuring that your coffee remains hot for a longer period.

How does the design of a French press impact the quality of the coffee brewed?

The design influences the extraction process and heat retention. A well-designed French press promotes even steeping and maintains the optimal brewing temperature to enhance the coffee’s flavor.

What should I consider when looking for a durable stainless steel French press?

We suggest checking the grade of stainless steel – 18/10 or 304-grade is ideal for durability and rust resistance. Also, look for presses with a sturdy handle and a well-built plunger mechanism.

Can you recommend a French press with a stylish yet functional design for everyday use?

The SimpliPres French Press is a popular choice that combines a timeless aesthetic with reliable functionality. Its chrome frame and borosilicate glass carafe are both pleasing to the eye and easy to handle.

What are some known drawbacks of using a French press compared to other coffee brewing methods?

French presses do not filter out coffee oils and fine sediments as drip filters do, which can result in a bolder, but sometimes gritty, cup of coffee. Additionally, they require careful timing and consistent grind size to prevent over-extraction.